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update with new moving pictures

It’s been a long and weird week. And now that it’s closing, I’m going to leave this work week with a clip from one of my most favorite movies. Many know this film as controversial, eye-opening, and religious-picketing glory, but I call it just plain silver screen gold cinema! The film is “Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion” and this is their dance:

sidenote – check out the new videos I posted under the “moving pictures” page; I’m going to add more sporadically throughout the weekend.

Have a tremendously great Friday!

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the sound of music school

I’m not sure what middle school this is, but a friend of mine’s posted this video online and it’s a-frickin-mazing. The tag line for the youtube video is “Remind me again why music shouldn’t be in public school?” It makes you think why the hell are budgets being cut from the creative departments in public schools when all a kid wants to do is sing and draw? If public schools are planning to cut a department, in my opinion try removing the math department department. I never liked math and guess what, today, I hardly apply math at work! Just give a kid a calculator or a fancy application for their iphone and bada-bing-bada-boom – math. Art, however, needs a completely different approach. Firstly, art needs practice – and within practice comes growth as an artist – and possibly in the near future superstardom – and further beyond the near future – immortality and complete control of the world.

The point. Let the future generations know how important art is and kick math’s butt out the sidelines where it belongs. You could tell my animosity against math by reading this entry. Well, I strongly believe if I had a music department in my middle school, I would’ve had the chance – at least the chance to hold the Guinness World Record of the “highest vocal note by a male” by singing a vocal note of C sharp in the 8th octave. At least.

Here’s a few sites if you want to get involved in “Saving the Arts” in your local schools:
//Americans fo the Arts
//VH1 Save the Music

a swedish surprise

Sweden’s Parliament legalized same-sex marriage April 1. Same-sex couples can begin marrying May 1.

The vote was 261 to 22 with 66 abstentions and absences.

Six of the seven political parties in Parliament supported the decision, with the Christian Democrats the sole holdout. Sweden has had a registered-partnership law since 1995 that grants registered same-sex couples the rights, benefits and obligations of marriage. That law no longer will be used, though currently registered couples will have the option of maintaining that status or converting their partnership into a marriage.

Same-sex marriage is also legal in Belgium, Canada, the Netherlands, Norway, South Africa, Spain, and the U.S. states of Connecticut, Iowa (starting April 24), Vermont and Massachusetts.

Compiled by Rex Wockner


I’d like to just say… “Bravo Sweden.”
Since Sweden is too far of a drive from California, I will be paying my respects to the Swedish government by visiting IKEA twice this month.

Come on California. You were almost there!