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is it me?

Is it me, or was the episode of Family Guy last night (4/19) just plain pushing their freedom limit (a la hitler scenes and Jew bashing)? Don’t get me wrong, I la la la love Family Guy, but last night at times I felt a bit uncomfortable – not the kind of uncomfortable when your boss accidentally cuts the cheese in a shared elevator, but the uncomfortable where it makes me question if Family Guy will re-cross the bridge they built a few years ago when the show first got cancelled because of how the writers approach “honesty”, “world issues”, and “society”.

The animated sitcom is widely known to be vulgar and crude but the way they convey the humor on our televisions every Sunday night is just darn laugh out loud funny – sometimes we just have leave our pristine thrones and stand amongst everyone else and learn how to make fun of ourselves. With that mentality set, Family Guy is simply enjoyable and laughing won’t feel so sinful (not that I ever felt that way because I’m naturally evil).

The point. To Mister MacFarlane, keep up the superb work because life without Family Guy would be easily comparable to life without air. However, a smidgen of sensitivity goes a mile long when the FCC and yakking conservatives try to toy with the future of the beloved sitcom. In my opinion, there’s good humor (strategically plotted jokes and punchlines with a pinch of “there’s a line I won’t cross”) and then there’s sloppy humor (American Dad-esque meets Meet the Spartans). Last night, Family Guy fell in between. Here’s the episode:

Any thoughts?

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